ATC Truck Caps

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All ATC Truck Caps are value-packed!

  • Automotive Paint Finishes - Each ATC cover is painted with an industry leading polyester based urethane. This material was designed specifically for the truck cap industry for excellent adhesion to gel coated surfaces, leaving no chance for peeling or fading.

  • Windows and Door - ATC offers numerous window packages for that sought after sport utility look. Glass is tinted D.O.T. approved safety glass with black frames. No rope mounted Plexiglas to discolor or fade.

  • Front Sliders - Each cover comes standard with a solid front glass; an optional front slidingwindow is available for easy access to truck bed.

  • Center High Mounted Stoplight - Truck Caps ordered for 1994 or newer trucks will be equipped at our factory with a recessed brake light on most models, in the 1800 series a brake light is integrated into our patented brake light spoiler.

  • Dual T-Handles - ATC's main concerns for the rear door is security and ease of operation. The majority of new body style trucks have a contoured tailgate, making it necessary to curve the rear door to match. These goals can only be achieved by using a double T-Handle rear door.

  • Dome Lights - ATC gives you the choice of battery powered (for ease of removal/no wires), or a 12 volt (better light source).

  • Roof Structure - 5/8" inch honey comb is used in the roof of each ATC truck cover, giving you superior construction for years of enjoyable use.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty - Each ATC cover is guaranteed for years of trouble free enjoyment.

Click here to see a collection of ATC-equipped vehicles